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How To Get Rid of Sweaty Hands and Feet Naturally at Home ?

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How To Get Rid of Sweaty Hands and Feet Naturally at Home

Your hand is a very important asset in your business and social life. You shake your business partners with it to conclude an important business deal and in a romantic dinner night, you use your hand to gently touch or caress your sweetheart. Now imagine if your hand sweats profusely during such important event. The moment that is supposed to be life-changing for you will turn to be disastrous, right? Sweaty hand is a serious problem that you have to deal with effectively if you don’t want to face unnecessarily upsetting troubles in your life. If you are experiencing excessive sweating, it might be the right time for you to think about how to get rid of sweaty hands and feet naturally at home.

Before we discuss about possible home treatments for your excessive sweating, there are several questions that we need to answer first. Firstly, what makes you sweat profusely? Secondly, what will your doctor do to treat your disorder? Thirdly, why should you use home remedies instead of prescription drugs? Fourthly, what are the best home remedies to treat your disorder? We will try to answer those questions below.


What Causes Your Excessive Sweating ?

Sweating is normal because it is a normal procedure done by your body to keep your body cool. However, there is a condition where certain parts of your body, especially your face, hands, underarm, and feet, keep sweating profusely even if the circumstance doesn’t currently call for perspiration. This condition is called hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis doesn’t have known cause, although it is believed that genetic factor may cause it; however, it is widely accepted that hyperhidrosis occurs because the sweat glands fail to shut off after perspiration. Normally, sweat glands near the surface of the skin will turn themselves off and stop perspiration process when the sweat has successfully normalized the body temperature. On people with hyperhidrosis, this shutting off process doesn’t occur and the sweat will continue to be produced even if it is no longer needed. At severe level, hyperhidrosis may cause its sufferers to continue to sweat even if they are currently swimming in a pool.


What Will Your Doctor Do to Treat Your Disorder ?

If you are aware of how notorious this disorder is, you will consult a doctor as soon as possible to have your problem treated. There are some medications that will be prescribed to you, including antiperspirants that contain aluminum, anticholinergics that block nerve impulses and prevent sweat glands activation, and Botox injection. If those drugs fail, your doctor may recommend you to undergo an electrical current treatment called iontophoresis or surgery.


Why Should You Use Home Remedies ?

There are several good reasons why you should try to use home remedies first before resorting to medical treatments. Firstly, home remedies are easier and cheaper to get and less risky. If your hyperhidrosis is not very severe, you may be able to treat it using home remedies without having to rely on prescription drugs and medical treatments. Secondly, many drugs that are used to treat this disorder is risky. Aluminum-based antiperspirants are known to increase the risk of cancer; anticholinergics are known to cause difficulty urinating, hallucinations and other unwanted side effects; and Botox causes allergic reactions and headache, among others. Thirdly, drugs and medical treatments, especially surgery, are undoubtedly expensive. If you can treat your condition at home, why should you make such unnecessary sacrifices?.


How To Get Rid of Sweaty Hands and Feet Naturally at Home ?

There are actually some remedies and astringents that you can use to treat hyperhidrosis. If you are currently figuring out about how to get rid of sweaty hands and feet naturally at home, try to use the following remedies to keep your hands and feet dry.

Cold water

How To Get Rid of Sweaty Hands and Feet Naturally at Home

The no 1 of my home remedies for sweaty hands list is by using an ice pack or cold water. This is the easiest way to stop your perspiration. Simply soak your hands and feet in cold water and they will stop sweating for a while. The effect of this treatment is, however, short-lived and you have to regularly soak your hands and feet and then dry them in order to keep them dry.

Witch hazel

With hazel keeps your hands dry for a longer period of time. Use as astringent for your hands and feet to keep them dry long enough. Don’t use it too often, though, as it may cause your hands and feet to become over dry. But overall this is also an affective sweaty hands and feet home remedies.

Rosewater mixed with vinegar

Rosewater and vinegar can be one of the effective sweaty hands and feet cure naturally. Make an astringent by mixing rosewater with vinegar. You can get the rosewater from health store or by extracting it from rose petal that you have in your garden. You can also infuse the petal in vinegar to create the astringent. Use the astringent regularly and your hands and feet should gradually become dryer.


Using Antiperspirants for your hands and lower arms can help to get rid of sweaty hands. And keep in mind don’t make the wrong choice, for example, it’s better to use the solid product rather than the spray-on product. You can also get sweaty hands antiperspirant on the market or online easily.

You can also use this tips :

Drinking Herbal Tea

How To Get Rid of Sweaty Hands and Feet Naturally at Home

In fact, drinking herbal tea is very effective to address the problem of excessive sweaty hands. The maximum of herbal tea consumption is about tea 2-3 times a day. It will certainly show you a better results than before. One of the most effective ways on how to stop sweaty hands and feet naturally.

Oak Bark

Apparently, Oak bark can also be used to fix problems of sweaty hands. To use it, you only need to soak your hands in the mixture which is made by boiling the 1 teaspoon of oak bark and 1 cup of milk. For maximum results, use this medication 4-5 times a day and routinely. One of the best sweaty hands and feet cure naturally.

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All of those home remedies are very easy to get. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money to get them. Use them and see whether your condition improves. Consult your doctor only if those remedies fail to solve your problem.